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8 Simple Ways to Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient

September 5th, 2011 David No comments

Published 4 days ago By Lou Carlozo, Green Dad columnist for dealnews

2626829710 a12547e78c z 8 Simple Ways to Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient<=”" a=”" align=”right” border=”0″ height=”250″ hspace=”8″ vspace=”5″>My friend Fabulous Frank is always coming up with neat ideas and inventions; one of his best designs boasts a refrigerator with a glass door on it. And while that may mean some extra-tough cleanups, just think of the one glorious advantage it offers: “Every time you’d go to check the fridge,” he says, “you wouldn’t have to open the door to see what’s inside.” Which of course means less energy wasted.

Until Fab Frank’s fridge becomes a regular consumer option, we have our work cut out for us. Even if you have an EnergyStar refrigerator, you know these big appliances still eat electricity — about 500 kilowatt-hours per year even for the stingier models. The question is: Can we improve on that? You betcha. Below are some tips for making fridges (both standard and EnergyStar models) run more efficiently. And we’ll start with a tip that comes courtesy of Frank himself.

1) Open The Door Less

Particularly if you have kids, you know fridge doors get opened dozens and dozens of times a day. Whenever that happens, warm air rushes in, making it harder for your appliance to keep cool. Leave the doors open longer than two minutes, and you’re putting strain on the fridge. So until they invent glass doors, do what you can to limit how often and how long your doors get yanked open. With shopping trips, I lump all the refrigerated items into one big pile and then load up as fast as possible. Try determining how much time you need to shave off your loading time with this Presto Electronic Clock & Timer ($10.68 with free shipping via Prime).

2) Pack It Up, Baby

After each shopping trip, I love to stuff the fridge — and there’s a reason besides the fact that many Italian Americans like myself do this. A full fridge means that there’s less hot air that needs cooling. Of course, a stuffed fridge means poor air circulation, and any well-stocked cooler begs to be opened many times. But so long as you police your clan from peeking out of boredom (or swinging on the handles) you should come out ahead on the energy-savings side.

3) A Freezer on Top is Tops

For those of you considering a new fridge, keep in mind that not all EnergyStar models are created equal. The government’s EnergyStar website reports, “Models with top-mounted freezers use 10% to 25% less energy than bottom-mount or side-by-side models.” Besides, a bottom-mounted freezer means stooping over to get the Haagen-Dazs, which isn’t exactly my idea of how to launch an indulgent dessert experience. The GE Top Freezer Refrigerator in White or Black ($448 via “APP50B2″ with free shipping) is an inexpensive option that fits the bill.

4) Chill Out on the Ice-Cube Maker

Maybe we could stand to learn something from the Europeans, who don’t take ice in their drinks. Icemakers and through-the-door dispensers not only increase a refrigerator’s price by up to $250, they also increase energy use by 14% to 20%, EnergyStar figures show. So if you have an icemaker, why not give it a rest? And if you really need crushed ice, consider the merits of these Tovolo Perfect-Cube Ice Trays (two for $14.99 with $3.99 s&h) and a hammer.

5) Location, Location, Location

This one comes courtesy of our friends at, who point out that a fridge shouldn’t rest close to obvious hotspots. “Place your fridge away from your oven, stove top, radiator, or other heat sources, and make sure there are a few inches of space around it. The unit can nestle, but it shouldn’t abut walls, counters, or other appliances.” I suppose that means no cold storage for my Twinkie flambé, either.

6) Check the Seals and the Frost

Just as leaky window and door seals yield a drafty house, a fridge with bad seals around the doors can’t do its job well. If your seals have suffered from wear or damage, check out RepairClinic, which stocks just about every type of replacement part for large appliances. As for the frost side, it’s a good idea to periodically defrost your freezer, as that will help it work better. If you see more than a quarter-inch of frost all the way around, it’s time.

7) Clean Those Coils

Dust is the enemy of many large appliances, from air conditioners to stereo systems. In the latter, dust blocking the vents can cause overheating, and dust on the coils of your fridge forces it to work harder. Getting in back of that monster may conjure visions of an emergency room visit, but tidying up isn’t hard if you consult a reliable resource, like your appliance manual. A vacuum with a crevice attachment is crucial, as is a small brush (like a paint brush) to reach more troublesome areas. Your efforts will not only keep the fridge working better, but also preserve its longevity.

icon cool 8 Simple Ways to Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient Pick the Right Temperature

Going colder than the preferred temperature wastes electricity, and for refrigerators, that ranges between 35 and 38 degrees, according to There are other benefits as well to sticking in this range: “Anything higher and foods will spoil too quickly (it also presents food poisoning problems). Anything lower and freezing becomes a problem.”

Common to all these tips is one overarching principle: habit. Once you get in the habit of checking on the appliances you take for granted, they’ll reward you in kind with extended years of service and extra savings in the bank — all while making a dent in your carbon footprint.

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Stairs or Slide?

June 5th, 2011 David No comments

Staircase Slide Combo Built By The Coolest Parents Ever

By Sean Fallon

stair slide Stairs or Slide?At the request of his children, London architect Alex Michaelis installed a slide next to the staircase in their new eco-friendly dream home.

Here we see on of his children throwing caution to the wind and diving head first down the slide. But it’s not just the kids having fun:

“We tend to have a lot of the kids’ friends around-they’re here perhaps more than at some of the other parents’ homes,” Michaelis says, adding that even grown-ups can’t resist skipping the stairs. “We’ve been known after a big dinner party to use the slide.”

stair slide Stairs or Slide?

No kidding—this is better than an elevator any day. Although, Michaelis’ setup doesn’t hold up to Rod Miller’s spiral stair slide with fiber optic lighting.


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Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades for Your Workspace

May 30th, 2011 David No comments

500x ergotastic Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades for Your WorkspaceIt’s easy to forget about your body’s needs when you’re deep into your work or the net—until your body offers a painful reminder. Save your physical shell some strain with these cheap, customizable ergonomic workspace upgrades.

Photo by IMG_3771 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

10. Elevate your laptop to eye level

laptop stand Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades for Your WorkspaceYour neck can’t text you to explain how annoying it is to have to keep looking down at your laptop. Over time it will let you know, though, in a nagging, painful way. If your laptop is your day-to-day work machine, elevate it to eye level using any one of a number of clever solutions. Perhaps one among our Top 10 laptop stands will do the trick, or a built-to-fit DIY pipe stand. Any of them are better than imagining yourself as a hunched old man or woman, constantly warning the neighborhood kids to sit up straight and look ahead.

9. Mix up your positions with a standing desk

standing desk Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades for Your WorkspaceIt’s hard to slouch when you’re not in a seat. To help your body benefit from your upright instinct, and give your lower body a break from sitting, work a standing desk into your workspace. You can go for it in a big way, like with this handcrafted setup, stick with something as simple as a $20 model or a surface on a storage rack. If you want to go really fancy, you could try a treadputer or something like this adjustable desk. It doesn’t have to be your only desk, either—just a break room for your butt.

8. Get better sleep support

sleepy Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades for Your WorkspaceHow your back, neck, and joints fare over eight hours of work can be influenced by how they spent eight hours in bed. Give your body a better night’s sleep by catching up on’s pain and posture basics. According to the post, the standard, no-pain position to shoot for is “on your side, knees bent, pillow between the knees, and your head resting on a single pillow,” or on your back with one pillow under your knees and one under your head. You might need to leave out an element or two from that ideal if you’ve got a hard-set sleeping habit, but it’s worth considering a switch-up. Photo by james.thompson. (Original post).

7. Invest in a real mouse and keyboard

best mouse Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades for Your WorkspaceIf you’ve stuck with your mouse and keyboard just because your desktop came with them, we feel for you. If you’ve been using a laptop at a desk without an external mouse or keyboard, we’re in tears. Invest in the tools your hands spend thousands of hours on every year by perusing the best mouse recommendations from Lifehacker readers and their ultimate keyboard picks. All of them are designed with a good hand feel and better functionality in mind. Consider your hand comfort worth five cents an hour? You’ll amortize these puppies in no time.

6. Align yourself properly with your computer

usable workspace Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades for Your WorkspaceAdam’s had his problems with hand, wrist, and back pain from repetitive stress and other conditions at his workspace, and a few years ago, he decided to set up a healthy, usable workspace to get back in shape. His post is a front-to-back assessment of what healthy working spaces should include, but his basic sitting setup involves keeping your elbows bent near 90 degrees, keeping a mouse comfortably within reach of a keyboard, avoiding slouching, and keeping a monitor at eye level, between 18-28 inches from your face.

5. Build your own ergonomic desk from scratch

custom desk Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades for Your WorkspaceYou don’t have to have Bob-Vila-level woodworking skills to craft your own workspace—after all, college students have been laying doors on cinder blocks for years. To make an actually ergonomic desk from medium-density fibreboard, you need two power tools (your neighbor has them if you don’t), time enough to sketch and plan your cuts, and measurements to know how high you should set up the legs, so your monitor is at eye level and you’ve got just enough room for everything you’re working with. When you’re done, you can paint or stain it whatever color you’d like, and when your friends ask where you got that desk, well, you know the answer. (Original post)

4. Use exercises to ward off RSI

huymnyrohjq Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades for Your WorkspaceYou can do a lot to prevent stress and pain in your hands working at a computer all day, but you’ll almost inevitably have bad days full of overly long hours, and, over the long haul, risk sidling yourself with repetitive strain injury (RSI). Percussionist David Kuckhermann knows a thing or two about repetitive wrist and forearm strain, as does RSI expert Sherry Smith, and they both recommend and demonstrate a few simple exercises that can ward off and heal the effects of working your hands into knots. (Original post)

3. Fine-tune your desk spacing

ergonomic setup Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades for Your WorkspaceAre you the type that busts out the tape measure whenever you’re putting anything up on the wall? For setting up your workspace with proper distances and heights between yourself and your computer tools, ergonomic goods firm Ergotron offers an ergonomic workspace planner that, once you enter your height, gives up the details on suggested seat heights, monitor heights and distances, and keyboard shelves. If you’re thinking about working in a standing desk, they’ve got measurements for that, too. (Original post)

2. Use software enforcers

antirsi Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades for Your WorkspaceIt’s great that you’re dedicated to pushing out this project on time, but unless your deadline’s right this hour and you need every second, you should be stepping back occasionally to give your wrists, eyes, and arms a rest—and maybe even read something off-screen, while you’re at it. If mental reminders aren’t enough, apps like AntiRSI and Timeout for Macs, and Workrave for Windows and Linux, force you, in differing levels of subtlety, to take a break and physically remove your hands from the keyboard every so often. (Original posts: AntiRSI, WorkRave, Time Out)

1. Go easy on your eyes

thumb160x eye Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades for Your WorkspaceEye strain is particularly bad news for those who write (code, copy, or anything else) or assemble things on a computer all day—it hits you right in what feels like your brain, and makes concentration terribly hard. Two simple solutions are to turn on ClearType and increase your monitor refresh rate in Windows systems, or install a serious protection scheme like EyeDefender. Reader’s Digest suggests other easy eye fixes, like keeping your monitor slightly below eye level to bring less glare into your retinas. And simply using a darker desktop theme is often a nice first step toward reducing the amount of time you feel like you’re staring into a flashlight with words written on it.

What improvements, big or small, have made the greatest difference in your workspace health? Pass on the knowledge in the comments.
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2012 Ferrari FF

May 4th, 2011 David No comments

ferrari ff xl 2012 Ferrari FF

Need a car capable of hauling the kids around but not ready to give up on your dream of a red Ferrari sitting in your garage? Meet the 2012 Ferrari FF ($TBA). Boasting a striking design that somehow manages to look like an offspring of Maranello yet still finds a way to sneak in four seats and a rear hatch, the FF also sports several firsts for the label of the prancing horse, including a part-time all-wheel drive system and an all-new 6.3-liter V12 good for 651hp, a 0-62 time of 3.7 seconds, and a top speed of 208 mph — all the more reason to remind your youngsters to buckle up. [Source]

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Yellow Pages Booster Seat

March 25th, 2011 David 4 comments

15869 zoom1  Yellow Pages Booster Seat

Do you remember as a kid sitting on a phone book because you were too small to reach the table? Now your kids can have their very own Yellow Pages Booster Seat ($20), which we think is pretty cool. It’s kind of a retro throwback item….only we’re sure much more comfortable than the stiff ol’ phone book.

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The Future of Apple

March 8th, 2011 David No comments

Everyone wants to know what Apple’s Next Big Thing will be. So we gazed into our crystal ball to glimpse these four ripped-from-the-future prototypes of devices that Apple could make in the years ahead. Join us this week as we post a new prototype every day thought up by the Mac|Life staff, and feel free to share your own ideas in the comments.

Apple will refresh its tablet to be flatter than ever–except when it’s not flat at all.

The world has caught 3D fever. It’s in our TVs, game consoles, Blu-ray players, and movie theaters. In due time, 3D features will probably even appear in our shampoo and breakfast cereal (”No, Mommy–I want Cap’n Crunch 3D!”). Yet Apple seems conspicuously ambivalent about all the 3D hype. Are Steve’s engineers really treating 3D as a passing fad? Of course not. They’re just going to wait until 2013 in order to do it right.

The iPad 3D’s dimensions will approximate those of the current iPad we know and love. Height and width will be 9.5 inches and 7.5 inches respectively, but the thickness of the tablet will slim down from a half-inch to a shockingly thin one-fifth of an inch. It’s difficult to reach these svelte dimensions under any circumstances, yet Apple will also finagle a 3D display on top of the device’s dainty circuit-board sandwich. And you won’t need cumbersome glasses to enjoy the 3D magic.

ipad3d final web The Future of Apple

1. We’e found that parallax barrier displays tend to excel at showing objects receding into the background, rather than objects jumping out of the screen. So the iPad 3D will come with desktop themes that “embed” unique spatial effects and animations beneath the screen’s surface. The theme you see here mimics a swimming pool. Tap the icon of an app you want to load, and animated 3D waves ripple forth.

2. Note the edge-to-edge display—the black border around the screen’s perimeter is gone! If you want the border back, just push in the same toggle switch that locks screen orientation in the current iPad. You’ll lose some screen real estate (and pixels), but you’ll gain a place to put your grubby mitts.

3. The iPad 3D will increase 2D screen resolution from a current spec of 1024×768 to roughly 1280×1024—and, yes, that 2D resolution will engage dynamically when non-3D content is displayed. Because it’ll have to split its horizontal pixel grind in half for 3D viewing, the 3D resolution will be an effective grid of roughly 640×768. We write “roughly” because the rounded edges decrease the display’s total pixel count. Never heard of an LCD grid that follows a gentle curve? Toshiba Matsushita announced this technology in October 2007.

Don’t scoff. In early 2011, Nintendo will release its 3DS, a handheld gaming system that uses “parallax barrier” technology to render surprisingly effective 3D imaging effects—all without the nerd glasses. We believe that Apple will be implementing an even more mature iteration of this technology, which, like all 3D display systems, uses stereoscopic imaging to create the illusion of depth.

In a typical 3D viewing scenario (say, watching Avatar in the theater), the screen projects two different images—each of the same object or scene but from a slightly different perspective. In the theater, your 3D glasses filter these projections in a way that guarantees one image hits your left eye and the other image hits your right eye. Your brain then synthesizes the two images into a 3D spatial representation. In a parallax barrier scheme—like what you’ll find in the Nintendo 3DS and the iPad 3D—the screen actually aims different sets of pixels to hit one eye or the other. In essence, one pixel set is angled toward your left eye, the other is angled toward your right eye, and a virtual barrier ensures each eye sees the correct set. When the system works, the technology is remarkably effective and no glasses are necessary.

Now, granted, in a parallax barrier system you have to hold the screen at just the right viewing angle and distance from your eyes. But we trust that by 2013, Apple will have a workaround for this dilemma (because, hey, it’s Apple). From gaming apps to HD video content, Apple’s most novel tablet will deliver 3D to your entire mobile entertainment experience.

Say Farewell to “Slide to Unlock”

ipad3d inset layers2 web The Future of Apple

The iPad 3D’s entire screen will serve as a biometric security reader. Just touch anywhere on the screen, and it’ll scan your fingerprint and wake the device from sleep. Depending on what level of security you define in Settings, the system can grant access to your hands and your hands only. Want your kids to have an open door to some apps but not others—or need a guest account for easier sharing? Simple. The tablet supports multiple user accounts for registered fingerprints with full parental controls, and you can turn on a guest mode that lets anyone access what you define as “safe territory.”

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Ferrari FXX Racers Exclusive pedal Go-kart is the best Christmas toy

February 23rd, 2011 David 6 comments

Ferrari FXX Racers Pedal Go Kart Ferrari FXX Racers Exclusive pedal Go kart is the best Christmas toy Looking for the gift of the season for your five year old? Why look beyond luxury brand Ferrari, especially if they offer you a model that your kid can actually drive by himself? The car giants have come out with a Ferrari FXX Racers pedal Go-Kart inspired by the car itself. The Go-Kart comes with 43cm wide Super Slick X-treme tyres, two rear disk brakes; 7 gears and an electronic system to monitor speed and lap times. Limited to only 29 cars the vehicle come fitted with comfortable sports seat and a soft eco-leather steering wheel. The car comes priced at $2260, exclusive of VAT and shipping costs and is suitable for kids aged 5 and above.
Ferrari FXX Racers Pedal Go Kart2 Ferrari FXX Racers Exclusive pedal Go kart is the best Christmas toy Ferrari FXX Racers Pedal Go Kart3 Ferrari FXX Racers Exclusive pedal Go kart is the best Christmas toy

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Motivational Quotes from Athletes

January 5th, 2011 David 16 comments

Motivational Basketball Quotes and Sayings (1-5)

  • “Praise your kids. Inspire and motivate your players with praise. Ten years from now it won’t matter what your record was. Will your kids love you or hate you?” – Jim Harrick
  • “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan
  • “If all I’m remembered for is being a good basketball player, then I’ve done a bad job with the rest of my life.” – Isiah Thomas
  • “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson
  • “When you are speaking to your team after a game, never talk about the kid who was the star of the game. Talk about what your other players did to help the team win. Be sure to spread the wealth… Then have individual meetings with one to three players to praise and reinforce. Make sure you touch them.” – Mike Krzyzewski

Motivational Basketball Quotes and Sayings (6-10)

  • “Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.” – Muhammad Ali
  • “The game isn’t over till it’s over.” – Yogi Berra
  • “It doesn’t matter who scores the points, it’s who can get the ball to the scorer.” – Larry Bird
  • “I am a big believer in the ‘mirror test’. All that matters is if you can look in the mirror and honestly tell the person you see there, that you’ve done your best.” – John McKay
  • “You can’t get much done in life if you work only on the days when you feel good.” – Jerry West

Motivational Basketball Quotes and Sayings (11-15)

  • “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do.” – Dale Carnegie
  • “How do you go from where you are to where you want to be? I think you have to have an enthusiasm for life. You have to have a dream, a goal. You have to be willing to work for it.” – Jim Valvano
  • “The big time is not a place; it’s the state of your heart. It’s not something you get; it’s something you become.” – Frosty Westering
  • “I found this sandbank by the Pearl River near my hometown, Columbia, Mississippi. I laid out a course of 65 yards or so. Sixty-five yards on sand is like 120 on turf. But running on sand helps you make your cuts at full speed. I try to pick the heat of the day to run in, but sometimes that sand will get so hot you can’t stand in one place. It’ll blister your feet. You get to the point where you have to keep pushing yourself. You stop, throw up and push yourself again. There’s no one around to feel sorry for you.” – Walter Payton
  • “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph W. Emerson

Motivational Basketball Quotes and Sayings (16-20)

  • “The biggest thing that I felt basketball could do for me was help me get a good education.” – Julius Erving
  • “Great teamwork is the only way to reach our ultimate moments, and create breakthroughs that define our careers and fulfill our lives.” – Pat Riley
  • “The truth of the matter is that there’s nothing you can’t accomplish if: (1) You clearly decide what it is that you’re absolutely committed to achieving, (2) You’re willing to take massive action, (3) You notice what’s working or not, and (4) You continue to change your approach until you achieve what you want, using whatever life gives you along the way.” – Anthony Robbins
  • “I just love the game of basketball so much. The Game! I don’t need the 18,000 people screaming and all the peripheral things. To me, the most enjoyable part is the practice and the preparation.” – Bobby Knight
  • “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” – Arthur Ashe
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How to Stay Organized – wikiHow

December 26th, 2010 David No comments

When you finally get organized, you cannot imagine living a disorganized life. It took so long to organize your room, and each closet, but then slowly you revert back to your old habits: Rushing out the door, you toss something into the drawer, vowing to put it in its proper place later. The kids come home from school and toss their clothes, to the bottom of the closet and on the floor instead of hanging them up. Slowly but surely, the books are no longer organized, or even not put away. Learning how to stay organized is one thing, but remaining organized is a completely other matter.

# Timing is everything – We all know that time is money, but it’s also important to make sure that you’re designating time appropriately. The best way to find time is to treat time like a budget. Figure out what you have, what you need and what you want. Start a calendar and populate it with the needs first, and then pencil in and allocate time where you can for wants, to-do, and other tasks.

# Task Management – Whether it’s for personal or professional use, there are many free task managers out there, as well as some amazing paid ones such as Active Collab and BaseCamp. Task managers will remind you what to do, when to do it and overall keep you a little more sane. It takes time to adapt to it, but once you do, you’ll be all the more organized because of it.

# Peer Accountability – It’s easy to lose track or managing yourself. Even if you’re self-motivated and have a lot of drive, everyone may lose site of the goal at hand and get off track, or disorganized. An easy way to fix this is having someone or something remind you of your plans or tasks. Ideally its best to have a business partner, friend, family, or any other sentient being play this role in holding you accountable.

# Note-taking, wherever, whenever – This is a must. We can all relate to having a great idea, or hearing something useful, or remembering something we need to do later.. if you don’t jot it down, then and there, you’re likely to forget it. Plain and simple, get something that fits in your pocket to take notes on. There are many phones that work great for writing notes or voice recorded notes. If you prefer pen and paper, grab a little wallet-sized notepad from the dollar store or elsewhere and take it with you all the time. Heck, even a little folded piece of paper that you keep in your wallet works better than your memory sometimes.

# Think it, write it, say it – Start blogging to stay more organized. If you follow a process of learning, writing, and doing you will remember it at least 10 times easier than you would have just forming the thought or reading an article. Try to make a habit of using browser bookmarks as a sort of “short-term” memory, in which you bookmark things of interest, and then collect those thoughts and bookmarks and write them down and share them in a blog post, and then delete the bookmark. A great tool for bookmarking is Delicious, once you bookmark, you can access them from any browser over the internet, and if you forget it, you just search your own account, and it’s there, like having a second memory!

via How to Stay Organized – wikiHow.

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Last Day Gift guide

December 25th, 2010 David No comments

You still have a few hours left…..

fun gifts 2010 e9krT 48 Last Day Gift guide

It’s time to get ready for some thrills and chills this holiday season, as we are back with our latest gift guide – the Fun Gifts. To make your holidays fun and memorable, we present to you a bunch of exciting fun gifts, which range from skateboards to simulators. Hit the jump to check them all…

1. Quirky’s Snow Shredder

quirky snow shredder cQGRr 48 Last Day Gift guide

Quirky’s Snow Shredder is one cool fun gift for children aged 6 and up. It’s a polypropylene, spaceship-like, ultimate winter sled that comfortably fits two kids in its roomy seating area. This winter sled features a headlight in the front with an easy on-off button. While a retractable handle makes it easy to carry the sled uphill, the extra handles located in the back of the sled for the backseat sledder to hold onto. The Quirky Snow Shredder comes for $67.

2. FB Collection’s Lopes Mendes Set

fb collection lopes mendes set i7uiK 48 Last Day Gift guide

You can impress a Frescobol fan this season with the one-of-a-kind wooden bats from the house of FB Collection. These beach bats are inspired by Copacabana beach culture and hand-crafted luxury yachts. The Frescobol Lopes Mendes Set is made out of five pieces of wood. The beach sack carries two beach bats and has an outer zip pocket ideal for stowing away your wallet, keys and money. Yours for £110 (about $171).

3. Ferrari Big Squad

ferrari big quad ymbfr 48 7bmPZ 48 Last Day Gift guide

Surprise your kid with a Ferrari this Christmas. This new Ferrari Big Squad from the Ferrari store operates with a motor and rechargeable 6V battery, and features a foot accelerator and electric brake. Recommended for kids aged 3 and up, the Ferrari Big Quad weighs in at 19kgs and has a speed of 5.25 Km/h. It sells for $314.

4. Rolls Rolls’ Woody 85

rolls rolls woody 85 longboard vjtmk 48 yctAm 48 Last Day Gift guide

Longboarding is fun and the experience even gets better when it’s something like the Rolls Rolls Woody. The Woody 85 has a wide beech deck, Randal RII 180mm trucks and 97mm flywheels. The deep footprint allows mounting large wheels to reach high speeds down the street. Offering you a lower standing platform and an incredible feeling of riding on a cushion of air, the Woody 85 is handmade to the highest standards. The Rolls Rolls Woody 85 comes for a cool €300 (approx. $395).

5. Fanatac Porsche 911 GT2 Racing Wheel

fanatec porsche 911 gt2 wheel adpxZ 48 Last Day Gift guide

If you are planning to get your kid the Gran Turismo 5, you might love to consider the Fanatac Porsche 911 GT2 Racing Wheel. A replica of the actual wheel from the Porsche GT2 car, the racing wheel is compatible with Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. The illuminated buttons switch automatically between Xbox and PlayStation symbols. A great gift for Simracers, the Fanatac Porsche 911 GT2 Racing Wheel will set you back $500.

6. English Channel Pedal Boat

english channel pedal powered boat 2ehga 48 Y6uDc 48 Last Day Gift guide

In 2002, 59-year-old Paul Tucker took a 12-foot Nauticraft Escapade and made a new Guinness World Record for the fastest pedal-powered crossing of the English Channel. The very same model can be bought from Hammacher, and the English Channel crossing is a testament to the boat’s stability and durability. Suitable for use in harbors, bays, ocean inlets and lakes, the English Channel Pedal Boat offers great stability in windy conditions for up to three persons. It features a smooth pedal crank that drives a 16″ two-bladed propeller, thereby offering hull speeds of just over 5 mph. The boat draws 1′ 8″ of water, which makes it suitable for paddling into shallow waters. Yours for $3,800.

7. Chariot Skates

chariot skates JQENl 48 Last Day Gift guide

Chariot Skates is a brand name for the revolutionary new skating product called Wheel-skates that blends both skiing and cycling into a all new genre of its own. The unique design and advanced engineering help it gain momentum with less effort, greater stability and more maneuverability, making it more apt over rougher terrains and grassy slopes. The product site says that they are not ready to announce an official launch date, but are aiming to have a few sets available before Christmas. A large pair of Chariot Skates has a total of nearly 2.5kg of carbon fiber. Expect the Chariot Skates to cost something between $5,000 and $10,000. Check for availability.

8. Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 300X

kawasaki jet ski ultra 300x 6cvzy 12 wWdUx 48 Last Day Gift guide

No one but Kawasaki knows what goes inside the most powerful jet ski. The Jet Ski Ultra 300X from the house packs 300 horsepower and its deep-V hull provides for both stability and cornering performance. The Ultra 300X jet ski has been completely redesigned for 2011, and it packs in a 1,498cc inline-four DOHC engine, impressive large fuel tank with 54-gallon storage, five-position adjustable handlebars and an all-new supercharger, which produces large quantities of boost at all rpm levels. The Jet Ski Ultra 300X, priced at $14,499 is sure to be on the Christmas list of every power junkie out there.

9. Pinel & Pinel Arcade Trunk-cum-iPod jukebox

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The bespoke Arcade 80’s Trunk from Pinel & Pinel exists in two versions, Classic and GT. The arcade features LCD 1080px screen and 60 very popular titles from the video gaming world, including Pacman (Namoo, Midway), Space lnvaders (Taito) and 1942 (Capcom) to name a few. The arcade also serves as an iPod jukebox. So, dock your iPod/iPhone and enjoy your favorite music while playing your favorite games. The Classic version sells for $14,565 and the GT model is more expensive with $17,098 price tag.

10. VRX iMotion 3D Full Motion racing simulator

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If virtual racing gives the gift receiver an adrenaline rush, check out the VRX iMotion from the house of VRX Industries. Offering an authentic simulation experience, the VRX iMotion racing simulator boasts NVIDIA GeForce 3D Surround Vision for a unique immersive experience across the three screens. The key features include carbon fiber base with locking wheels, Sparco racing seat, CNC-machined aluminum bracket and parts, stainless steel reinforced tubing, fully adjustable display, PC rack mount placement and Bose companion 5-speaker system. Compatible with XBox 360, PS3 and Wii, the VRX iMotion racing simulator comes for $27,995.

11. Palatov DP4 Go-Kart

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For those who seriously love go-karting, the Palatov DP4 Go-Kart seems to be a great gift option. The incredible go-kart enjoys sophisticated underbody aerodynamics, a long-arm double wishbone suspension with pushrod-activated coilover dampers and an optional all-wheel drive system. Created by Oregonian Dennis Palatov, this super go-kart comes powered by a variety of motorcycle engines with typical configurations using 1.0L or 1.3L units of 175-200hp. The dp4 can be easily towed to the track behind ordinary cars on a lightweight trailer, thanks to its low weight and compact size. The pricing for the 2010 Palatov dp4 go-kart starts at $25,910 for a DIY kit and goes as high as $50,610 for a pre-built version.

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