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Sonic Editions Impossible Cool Prints

November 1st, 2011 David No comments

impossible cool prints Sonic Editions Impossible Cool Prints

Cool is hard to define in words, but it’s pretty easy to spot in pictures. Sonic Editions is now offering a series of high-quality, archival photo prints of the coolest pop culture icons of all time.  John Lennon, Muhammad Ali, 007, and of course the coolest of all, Steve McQueen. They come in a variety of sizes & frame options, and their pricing is pretty cool, too. (Source)

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Gucci GG Plus Moccasin

October 25th, 2011 David No comments

gucci gg plus Gucci GG Plus Moccasin

If you’re the type of person that does mind wearing a few (hundred) logos on your feet, you might also be the type of person that likes the Gucci GG Plus Moccasin ($425). These showy slip-ons feature a beige upper with an ebony GG logo treatment, dark brown trim, cutout interlocking G detail on the front, and a rubber sole that integrates carbon fiber for added support. [Photo: Carbon Fiber Gear]

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Weird Restaurants

October 1st, 2011 David No comments

hajime restaurant xl Weird Restaurants
Hardwired Host

Restaurant: Hajime Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

Culinary Concept: Robot run. Owner Lapassarad Thanaphant (pictured) has high hopes for her robot-run restaurant. Thanaphant invested nearly $1 million to purchase four dancing (yes, they also dance!) robots who serve diners Japanese delicacies.


ithaa undersea restaurant hilton maldives xl Weird Restaurants
Eating with Sharks

Restaurant: Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Rangali Island, Maldives

Culinary Concept: Fish-eye view. Ever dine on octopus and oysters surrounded by octopus and oysters? Well, you can do just that at the luxurious Ithaa restaurant beneath the Indian Ocean. Ithaa, meaning “pearl,” sits between three and six feet below sea level (depending on the tides) and weighs over 200 tons, so the chef won’t drift out to sea. On the menu: crustaceans and wild game.


modern toilet restaurant2 xl Weird Restaurants
New Meaning for Noodle Bowl

Restaurant: Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

Culinary Concept: Bathroom themed. If you’re into poop jokes (and can get over the gross-out factor), then you will find this toilet-themed restaurant plenty entertaining. Guests slurp up Asian noodles from commode-shaped bowls while sitting on their very own can. Keep the seat down.

snow village 2 xl Weird Restaurants
On the Rocks

Restaurant: Laino Snow Village Ice Restaurant, Ylläsjärvi, Finland

Culinary Concept: Ikea meets igloo. Just north of the Arctic Circle the winters are cold enough to sustain Snow Village’s Ice Restaurant for the season. Inside the 200-square-meter all-natural ice structure, diners sit on solid-ice chairs at solid-ice tables while savoring local fare like cream of Lappish potato soup with cold smoked salmon, tender reindeer, and game meatballs served with — what else? — vodka-lingonberry jelly.


dinner in the sky2 xl Weird Restaurants

dinner in the sky Weird Restaurants

Floating in Air

Restaurant: Dinner in the Sky, worldwide

Culinary Concept: Suspended supper. Dinner in the Sky brings new meaning to alfresco dining. If you have $40,000 to spare, you and 21 of your closest friends can lavishly dangle 150 feet above any city (or golf course) while conspicuously consuming beef and foie gras mille-feuille (savory layered puff pastry) and sipping Dom Pérignon.


yellow treehouse xl Weird Restaurants

treehouse restaurant Weird Restaurants

Foodie Forest

Restaurant: Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, Auckland, New Zealand

Culinary Concept: Treehouse treats. Using resources from inside the Yellow Pages, Pacific Environments architects constructed this pod-shaped eatery accessed by an 180-foot “treetop” walkway. There, 18 diners savored a multicourse menu that included pan-fried lamb loins with baby beetroot and mandarin salad with caramelized garlic. (Unfortunately, the restaurant was just a temporary project and has since closed.)


refuge fondus xl Weird Restaurants
Wine for Whiners

Restaurant: Le Refuge des Fondus, Paris, France

Culinary Concept: Bottle service. As rumor has it, this favorite tourist attraction in the Montmartre neighborhood first began offering patrons wine in baby bottles as a way to avoid the French tax on wine served in proper glasses. While sucking down the grape juice, winos can fill their bellies with toothsome cheese or beef fondues.


mars 2112 xl Weird Restaurants
Life on Mars

Restaurant: Mars 2112, Times Square, New York City

Culinary Concept: Earthling eats. NASA predicted by 2112 we’d be making commercial flights to Mars. Why wait for the airfare wars when you can pay a visit right in New York’s Times Square? Upon arrival, friendly Martians guide hungry earthlings into the hot, dry, red planet, where they can dine on the Martian Seafood Platter — exotic ocean shellfish, squid, shrimp, mussels with a spicy seafood sauce.


alcatraz er japan xl Weird Restaurants
Beverages Behind Bars

Restaurant: Alcatraz E.R., Tokyo, Japan

Culinary Concept: In(ti)mate atmosphere. If you were ever curious (and who isn’t?) about life in a medical prison, Tokyo’s Alcatraz E.R. will serve that sentence. Diners are handcuffed upon arrival and taken to their “cells,” where they can choose from a list of bizarre elixirs served in blood-transfusion apparatus by hospital orderlies.


opaque server xl Weird Restaurants
Dining in the Dark

Restaurant: Opaque, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, CA

Culinary Concept: Blind taste-test. At Opaque, patrons are led into the restaurant by visually impaired or blind employees to experience dining in the dark. The absence of light allows the senses to spring into action, enhancing the smell, taste, and texture of favorites like luscious mango panna cotta with coconut crème anglaise.



roller coaster restaurant xl Weird Restaurants
The Long and Winding Road
Restaurant: ‘s Baggers, Nuremberg, Germany
Culinary Concept: Roller-coaster service. At this futuristic eatery, the waitstaff is a thing of the past. Guests place their orders via a touch-screen computer at each table. When the food — which, according to the restaurant, is based primarily on local, organic ingredients and cooked with minimal fat — is ready, it zips to the table along a twisting track from the kitchen above.

ninja new york Weird Restaurants

Ancient Japanese Underworld

Restaurant: Ninja New York, New York, NY

Culinary Concept: Japanese warrior fare. Forget Ninja Turtles. This Japanese venue with a labyrinth-like interior was modeled after an ancient Ninja castle. After your waiter impresses you with his gravity-defying acrobatics, dine on the Katana, a $50 prime steak marinated in teriyaki sauce, and finish the ninja-filled night with the smoking piña colada-assorted diced fruits with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream sinking in a mysterious pineapple coconut pond. Don’t forget your sword.


airplane restaurant xl Weird Restaurants

a380 restaurant Weird Restaurants

Food Flight

Restaurant: The Airplane Restaurant, Colorado Springs, CO

Culinary Concept: Mile-high meals. Onboard this grounded 1953 Boeing KC-97 tanker, diners feast on atypical airline food like the Reuben von Crashed — tender corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing served on fresh marble rye bread.


cannibal restaurant Weird Restaurants

Image via Weird Asia News

Restaurant: Cannabalistic Sushi – Tokyo, Japan

Culinary Concept: ‘Nyotaimori’ in Japanese literally means ‘female body plate’, and this restaurant named after the tradition of eating sushi and sashimi off a nude woman’s body takes the concept to a whole new level. An edible body, with dough ‘skin’ and sauce ‘blood’ is wheeled into the room on a hospital gurney and placed upon a table. The hostess begins the meal by cutting into the body with a scalpel and then patrons dig in, operating on the body to reveal edible ‘organs’.

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Google’s Photovine App Now Open for All

September 20th, 2011 David No comments

photovine712 Google’s Photovine App Now Open for All
Back in July we covered the release of Photovine for iPhone, an image sharing app developed by Google’s internal Slide team that, among other things, is also responsible for Disco, a group messaging app, and Pool Party. Powered by a slick design and attention to detail, the Photovine app that was released last month didn’t allow everyone to sign up and start sharing photos as the system was invite-only without an open sign-up. With an update pushed last night on the App Store, Photovine has revamped Facebook and Twitter integration from within the app and finally opened registrations without the need of a beta invite.

Unlike the popular photo sharing app and iPhone-based social network Instagram, Photovine doesn’t revolve around the simple concept of photos uploaded to a user stream and shared with followers. Rather, Photovine is based on “vines” — photos connected by a caption and contributed by you, your friends, and other people using Photovine. So, for example, say you’d like to share a photo about your newly acquired MacBook Air, you can start a vine called “My new MacBook” and your friends will be able to let the vine “grow” with new photos related to the caption, and the photo you originally posted. This is best explained by Photovine’s promo video, which we’ve embedded after the break.

Photos in a vine can obviously be liked and commented on, each user has its own dedicated page with a profile picture and followers/following/likes counts, and an Inbox tab in the bottom toolbar allows you to check on messages you’ve received from other users, or notifications such as new followers, comments, and likes. This is not too dissimilar from Instagram’s implementation of “activity”. Users can add new photos to an existing vine (or even “watch” a vine if they’re interested in it) or create a new one from scratch — Photovine comes with a beautiful custom camera interface that lets you snap your own photo, or pick one from the Camera roll. Indeed the whole app sports a gorgeous and clean design that makes it easy to jump through vines, user profiles, and comment on photos shared by others.

Photovine for iPhone is an interesting concept with a good-looking interface and additional social functionalities to forward photos to Twitter and Facebook, and find friends on those social networks as well. You can download Photovine for free on the App Store.


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September 18th, 2011 David No comments
EdgeWalk EdgeWalk

Toronto just got a new attraction, which also happens to be the tallest. And if you’re one of those thrill-seekers who gets all tingly inside when the thought of falling 1100 feet to your death comes to mind, then this is for you.

$175 will get you a ticket to the top of Toronto’s CN tower, where you’ll be able to walk around the circumference of the roof. There are no side rails, but fortunately – or unfortunately depending on how crazy you really are – you’ll be strapped into a harness that’s attached to an overhead guard rail.

Feel free to lean over the edge to get a better view (as if it weren’t good enough already). Be sure to send us photos. We’ll be sitting in the safety of our homes… 1st floor.

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Modern Bathrooms You Need To Pee In

September 10th, 2011 David No comments

Unless you’re feral, peeing in bathrooms is a mundane task. But pee in one of these crazy bathrooms, and it becomes a fantastical adventure!

By Zack Zeigler

TEMP Image 2 1 Modern Bathrooms You Need To Pee InGuys will pee anywhere. On the side of a highway, against a building, in a public swimming pool. Because of our anatomical makeup, we have the luxury of not being bathroom snobs.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a good bathroom. And it’s nice to turn a mundane daily activity into something interesting (without getting arrested). And peeing into the gaping mouth of an alligator, or while people walk by inches away oblivious to what we’re doing, or while watching Goldfinger in a bathroom seemingly made out of gold definitely qualify as interesting.

And you can do all of those things in at least one of these bizarre bathrooms. Just be sure to wash your hands after you’re done.

1x10 Modern Bathrooms You Need To Pee In

TEMP Image 2 2 Modern Bathrooms You Need To Pee InThe World’s Largest Public Bathroom | Chongqing, China
This monstrosity in the home of our future overlords has 1,000 toilets, TVs, calm music playing, and urinals shaped like alligators, open-mouthed creatures, and, naturally, the Virgin Mary. And yet for some reason our favorite part is the sinks.

1x10 Modern Bathrooms You Need To Pee In

look here Modern Bathrooms You Need To Pee InThe That’s It! Bathroom | Queenstown, New Zealand
The urinals at the Sofitel Queenstown Hotel and Spa are overseen by life-size photos of women holding stuff like a digital camera, magnifying glass — real funny, lady! — and measuring tape. Other women simply look on as though they’re either impressed or horrified. We’ll just go with impressed.1x10 Modern Bathrooms You Need To Pee In

1x10 Modern Bathrooms You Need To Pee In

0601 mouth Modern Bathrooms You Need To Pee InThe Roseenmeer Facility | Mönchengladbach, Germany
Controversy erupted when the Rosenmeer Hotel in Germany unveiled its new restroom — and we can certainly understand why. The garish checkered background totally clashes with the classy, understated urinals.

1x10 Modern Bathrooms You Need To Pee In

6 floating bathroom lg 1974035 1 Modern Bathrooms You Need To Pee InThe Floating Bathroom | Lake Powell, UT/AZ
The National Park Service hated people voluntarily adding to Lake Powell’s water levels, so they installed floating bathrooms to minimize contamination. For the fishes’ sakes, we hope it isn’t glass bottomed.

1x10 Modern Bathrooms You Need To Pee In

Best Western The Croft Hotel Darlington1 1 Modern Bathrooms You Need To Pee In
Best Western The Croft | Darlington, United Kingdom
We’d opt to go for the distance record juuuuust in case we possess the fabled Magic Stream prophesied to reanimate the gargoyles. They look kinda hungry.

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Japanese found millions in lost tsunami cash – and return it

September 9th, 2011 David No comments
110824 japansafe.nv nws Japanese found millions in lost tsunami cash   and return itVincent Yu / AP

Japan Self-Defense Force personnel stand near some safes they retrieved from houses destroyed by the tsunami in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan in a photo taken on April 7, 2011.

By Arata Yamamoto, NBC News Producer

TOYKO – If disaster struck, and millions of dollars in cash turned up, do you think it would be returned to its rightful owners?

In Japan, it was.

During the four months since the giant tsunami struck Japan’s northern coast, more than 5,700 safes containing approximately $30 million has been recovered from the three hardest hit prefectures, Japan’s National Police Agency recently announced.

Remarkably – since residents of the tsunami zone have scattered across the country and even the world – 96 percent, or nearly $29.6 million in cash, has already been returned to its rightful owners, or if authorities feared the owner had died in the disaster, their closest relative.

Detective job to find rightful owners
The majority of the safes recovered in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima were collected by Japan’s Self Defense Force, police, and volunteers while combing through destroyed homes and buildings and clearing debris left behind by the devastating wave; some individuals also came forward with lost valuables.

Masao Sasaki, with the Iwate prefectural police, said that determining who the money belonged to and then actually finding them proved to be a great challenge and often involved excruciating detective work.

“In some cases, entire communities were completely washed away. Even if we had information on the address of the owner, there would be no building left, landlines were destroyed,” Sasaki explained. “So we went around to the various evacuation centers and started checking through the rosters.”

In Iwate prefecture alone, where more than 23,000 structures along the coast were destroyed, 2,400 safes containing a total amount of $10 million was collected. Incredibly, 91 percent of it has already been returned.

Considering that up until June there were more than 330 evacuation centers in Iwate, and people were constantly moving to new locations, it was no small feat to return that much money.

110824 iwate destruction.photoblog600 Japanese found millions in lost tsunami cash   and return itAly Song / Reuters

A survivor walks through debris caused by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami, in Rikuzentakata, Iwate prefecture, in this March 18, 2011 file photo.

“You can just imagine the difficult work involved in tracking down the owners,” Sasaki said. “In some cases where the owner was thought to have perished, we had to find the closest kin who could have been anywhere inside or outside Iwate.

It’s not unusual for Japanese, especially the elderly, to keep cash at home. In particular, fishermen, who made up a large portion of the coastal population, traditionally preferred cash transactions and often even paid salaries in cash.

Thankfully, many of the safes also held bank books, certificates of land rights, name chops (traditional stamps used in lieu of signatures on personal documents) or some other form of identification. But because they were drenched in mud and water, each item often had to be carefully cleaned and dried, at times using a shirt iron in order to extract useful clues.


“It was important to be able to return these items properly cleaned, but our first and utmost priority was to find the owners and return their belongings as quickly as possible,” said Sasaki.

Asked how they were able to return 91 percent of the lost valuables, Sasaki said it was simply the laborious work and perseverance of the prefecture’s officers.

Venturing into the nuke zone
It was a tougher task in Fukushima prefecture, where extra precaution was required to reach some of the areas affected by the nuclear accident.

When their officers entered the 12-mile-radius exclusion zone, they had to put on hazmat suits and equip themselves with survey meters so they could check the radiation levels.

“It might have taken a little longer in Fukushima,” said Yoshiyasu Sato of the local prefectural police headquarters. “We had to start from the outer perimeter of the exclusion zone and slowly work our way in.”

But according to Sato, even though it took four months, the police have pretty much completed their task: they have already returned 96 percent of the $7.2 million found in some 900 safe boxes.

And in the Miyagi prefecture they had an even greater rate of return. More than 2,400 safes were collected that contained approximately $13.5 million –amazingly 99 percent of that has been returned to its owners or closest kin.

Almost done
In Iwate, as they get closer to completing the task of clearing away the rubble, the number of safes and other belongings recovered has dropped. But, Sasaki said, “the collection is still not completely zero, the numbers have come down, but items are being turned in sporadically.”

In total, if you included the money retrieved from lost wallets and purses, $48.3 million worth of cash was collected from the disaster zone. Out of that total amount, 85 percent has found its way to its rightful owners.

While the sheer amount of cash collected and returned is astounding, it is also another reminder of the scope of the damage brought by the March earthquake and tsunami which claimed the lives of more than 20,000 people and completely wiped out at least 112,000 homes and buildings.

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Gerber Steady

August 31st, 2011 David No comments

gerber steady Gerber Steady

Oh hell yes. We’ve seen multi-tools with a multitude of different components, but there’s one in the new Gerber Steady ($65; Spring 2012) that’s going to have us carrying it everywhere we can: a tripod. That’s right, among the 12 total components you can find in the Steady are fold out legs and a standard tripod screw, making it the perfect companion for photographers on the go. [Thanks Uncrate]

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More News on the Earthquake

August 23rd, 2011 David No comments

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of thousands of people evacuated buildings across the East Coast on Tuesday after a moderate earthquake in Virginia that was also felt as far south as Chapel Hill, N.C. No tsunami warning was issued, but air and train traffic was disrupted across the East Coast.


Parts of the Pentagon, White House and Capitol were among the areas evacuated.

At the Pentagon in northern Virginia, a low rumbling built and built to the point that the building was shaking. People ran into the corridors of the government’s biggest building and as the shaking continued there were shouts of “Evacuate! Evacuate!”The quake even broke a water main inside the Pentagon, flooding parts of two floors, NBC reported.

Centered some 90 miles south of the nation’s capital, the quake was a magnitude 5.9, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Two nuclear reactors near the epicenter were taken offline as a precaution, officials said. No damage was reported at either.

At the U.S. Capitol, light fixtures swung and the building shook for about 15 seconds while the tremor hit, NBC News reported.

At Reagan National Airport outside Washington, ceiling tiles fell during a few seconds of shaking. All flights were briefly put on hold and one terminal was evacuated due to a gas smell.

In New York City, NBC reported debris fell from the attorney general’s office, causing a brief panic as people ran from the area.

Airport towers and government buildings in New York, including City Hall, were evacuated. The 26-story federal courthouse in lower Manhattan began swaying and hundreds of people were seen leaving the building.

DC quake 110823 b More News on the Earthquake

A mild tremor was even felt by NBC reporters with President Barack Obama during his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, an island off Massachusetts.

In Charleston, W.Va., hundreds of workers left the state Capitol building and employees at other downtown office buildings were asked to leave temporarily.

“The whole building shook,” said Jennifer Bundy, a spokeswoman for the state Supreme Court. “You could feel two different shakes. Everybody just kind of came out on their own.”

In Ohio, where office buildings swayed in Columbus and Cincinnati and the press box at the Cleveland Indians’ Progressive Field shook. At least one building near the Statehouse was evacuated in downtown Columbus.

In downtown Baltimore, Md., the quake sent office workers into the streets, where lamp posts swayed slightly as they called family and friends to check in.

More about the quake at

The earthquake’s epicenter was near Louisa, Va., the USGS reported. It was a very shallow quake, less than a mile deep, which would explain why it was so widely felt.

The D.C. area’s previous record for an earthquake was on July 16, 2010, when a 3.6 magnitude quake was felt.

The East Coast gets earthquakes, but usually smaller ones than the West Coast and is less prepared for shaking.

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Smartphone Home: The 5-Minute Android Analysis

August 16th, 2011 David No comments

With so much choice, there’s never been a better—or more bewildering—time to pick a side in the smartphone wars. We present a quick, four-part guide to soothing your phone-fevered brow

November 18, 2010
android Smartphone Home: The 5 Minute Android Analysis

Let’s face it: This was always going to be about the iPhone. Like comparing your new girlfriend to your ex, or every other woman on earth to Ms. Johansson, the competition has to not merely compete with, but obliterate Apple’s 500-pound gorilla. From the day Google’s smartphone platform was announced, it’s been hailed as the alternative, an open-source savior from the do-no-evil geniuses in Mountain View. So, has Android lived up to its hype? Has it become a proper cure for our iAddictions?

The Good: You can have any iPhone you’d like as long as it’s an iPhone, but on Android there’s a zoo of hardware to choose from, some of them with quite the killer features, from quality QWERTY sliders like the Motorola Droid 2 to 4.3-inch behemoths like HTC’s Evo 4G. If you want your pick of form factor, Android’s the place to be; hell, even on the Samsung Galaxy S I took a liking to, with its unremarkably iPhone-esque design, the Super AMOLED screen’s incredibly dark blacks and deep contrast got more than its share of oohs and ahhs.

In some areas, Android isn’t just on par with the competition, it’s in the lead. It has features like homescreen widgets, giving you quick access to clocks, news feeds, and the like. There’s also the pull-down notification bar, which unobtrusively shows text and e-mail notifications, not just how many signal bars you’re death-gripping away. The Android Market has matured well, and if nothing else covers all the essentials (Yelp, Angry Birds), unless you’re inconsolable without your beloved iGarageDoorOpenCloser 2.5. There’s no doubt, from first glance down to the gritty details, this is a mature platform that’s ready to rumble.

The “Meh”: More than a few people I handed an Android phone to commented, “You know what I notice? The scrolling isn’t as good.” Touch inputs aren’t as fluid or precise as their Apple counterparts, and though it’s come a long way from its beginnings on the dork-tastic T-Mobile G1, the interface still lacks that last bit of shine and polish around the corners. Without a really close comparison—or a smartphone review—in mind, however, for the most part you’d be hard-pressed to care.

The “Huh?”: What’s “Sense,” “Blur,” or “TouchWiz”? The thing about open-source software is, it’s open for meddling. Most smartphones these days are little more than big rectangles with screens on them. If you’re making an Android phone, how do you differentiate yourself from everyone else slapping the same software on their own slabs? Thus, manufacturers are fond of adding what they call “user interface enhancements”; we’ve come to call it “screwing everything up.”

The net result is the Android experience that can vary widely (and disasterously) from phone to phone. What does the home screen look like? How do I unlock my phone? What order are the hardware buttons in? It depends. You’ll constantly hear the anguished cries of reviewers across the land, wishing that Manufacturer X’s sexy new Phone Y would’ve just stuck to Google’s stock code. The carriers get in on it too, hard-wiring each phone with their own usually useless (AT&T Maps?) sometimes unforgivable (the search engine is Bing, and can’t be changed?) modifications. It’s like if a McDonald’s franchise could swap out fries for onion rings… or candy corn: You never know what you’re getting. It’s why Google tried its hand at standardization with its self-branded Nexus One, and why the rumored/upcoming Nexus S has Android enthusiasts all aflutter.

The Cool Factor: As of today, pulling out one of the glitzier Android phones at a party is bit of a conversation piece. But, with its rapidly growing user base, it’s one that’ll soon lose its novelty. So when the day comes that you’re in the subway with four dozen other Googlephoners, what are you left with?

Well in some ways, a pretty freakin’ nerdy phone. Full-on multitasking sounds great, until it can be a bit of a drag; in fact, Advanced Task Killer, one of the most popular Android apps, does nothing but quit all the background apps you forgot to close. “Hey babe, I’ll jot down your number, right after I free up some RAM…”? We think not. And that’s one of the ways you can see its techie roots still showing: It’s just that bit steeper of a learning curve, and the slightest bit less of a solid, consumer-friendly device. It’s certainly a compelling choice. Depending on how you look at it, it might even be the right choice. But is it cool? Call it ease of use, call it Cupertino’s voodoo magic, but even as the iPhone becomes so ubiquitous your dog probably just got one, it still reigns.

Buy one if… you don’t mind a slight learning curve, maybe because you and your comp-sci buddies had a great time modding Linux distros back in the day. Or if you’re just sick of Jonathan Ive making off with your wallet every Christmas.

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