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Elemment Palazzo

November 24th, 2011 David No comments

elemment palazzo Elemment Palazzo

Whoa. Is it the weirdest-looking motorcoach we’ve ever seen? Yup. But it’s also the most luxurious. The Elemment Palazzo ($TBA) is the ultimate in wheel-based travel, offering a well appointed, tastefully designed interior that mixes clean, modern lines with classic flourishes, a fully automatic liftable flybridge lounge that pops out of the roof, a couch area that transforms into a bar at the push of a button, a programmed central control for one-stop settings updates, remote video access in case you need to go outside, and an automatic gangway. Basically, if you’ve got the money, and you’ve just gotta travel via roadway, you need to be travelling in this. [via]

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iPhone 4S

October 14th, 2011 David No comments

iphone 4s iPhone 4S

It doesn’t look different on the outside, but it’s full of new stuff on the inside. Powered by the dual-core A5 processor, the Apple iPhone 4S ($200-$400) features iOS5 and its 200 new features including iCloud, as well as an 8-megapixel camera with all-new optics and 1080p HD video recording with image stabilization. And then there’s Siri, a scarily-accurate virtual assistant. Just ask Siri a question (by naturally speaking) and it (she?) responds with the answer — no matter how strange or complex your question was. Or just tell Siri to do something — it can make calls, send texts and emails, schedule reminders, make notes, search the web, find local businesses, get directions and much more. The iPhone 4S will ship in black or white in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB models. It’ll be available on October 14th on AT&T, Verizon, and now also Sprint. It might not be enough to cure our iPhone 5 sadness, but it might be enough for us to upgrade.

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Google’s Photovine App Now Open for All

September 20th, 2011 David No comments

photovine712 Google’s Photovine App Now Open for All
Back in July we covered the release of Photovine for iPhone, an image sharing app developed by Google’s internal Slide team that, among other things, is also responsible for Disco, a group messaging app, and Pool Party. Powered by a slick design and attention to detail, the Photovine app that was released last month didn’t allow everyone to sign up and start sharing photos as the system was invite-only without an open sign-up. With an update pushed last night on the App Store, Photovine has revamped Facebook and Twitter integration from within the app and finally opened registrations without the need of a beta invite.

Unlike the popular photo sharing app and iPhone-based social network Instagram, Photovine doesn’t revolve around the simple concept of photos uploaded to a user stream and shared with followers. Rather, Photovine is based on “vines” — photos connected by a caption and contributed by you, your friends, and other people using Photovine. So, for example, say you’d like to share a photo about your newly acquired MacBook Air, you can start a vine called “My new MacBook” and your friends will be able to let the vine “grow” with new photos related to the caption, and the photo you originally posted. This is best explained by Photovine’s promo video, which we’ve embedded after the break.

Photos in a vine can obviously be liked and commented on, each user has its own dedicated page with a profile picture and followers/following/likes counts, and an Inbox tab in the bottom toolbar allows you to check on messages you’ve received from other users, or notifications such as new followers, comments, and likes. This is not too dissimilar from Instagram’s implementation of “activity”. Users can add new photos to an existing vine (or even “watch” a vine if they’re interested in it) or create a new one from scratch — Photovine comes with a beautiful custom camera interface that lets you snap your own photo, or pick one from the Camera roll. Indeed the whole app sports a gorgeous and clean design that makes it easy to jump through vines, user profiles, and comment on photos shared by others.

Photovine for iPhone is an interesting concept with a good-looking interface and additional social functionalities to forward photos to Twitter and Facebook, and find friends on those social networks as well. You can download Photovine for free on the App Store.


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Dee Brown Homage TShirt

September 6th, 2011 David No comments

moz screenshot Dee Brown Homage TShirt

d896a978201eb5bc1d3b10bad3e5e558.image.500x480 Dee Brown Homage TShirt
a12c4e7651d9d08afa803bfe2b40278a.image.120x165 Dee Brown Homage TShirt

Dee Brown


The ‘90s were undoubtedly the nadir of the NBA slam-dunk contest, but few can deny that the decade didn’t start with one of the competition’s most memorable moments. In 1991, 6’1” Celtics rookie Dee Brown knelt down to squeeze the tongues of his Reebok Pumps, then covered his face with his right arm to slam home a no-look dunk, sealing his victory over Shawn Kemp!

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Sony Cyber-Shot TX55 Camera

August 30th, 2011 David No comments

sony tx55 Sony Cyber Shot TX55 Camera

If you need your next pocket cam to be as thin as possible — think millimeters here — then you’ll want to take a look at the Sony Cyber-Shot TX55 Camera ($350). The latest pint-sized powerhouse from the Walkman maker features a 16.2 megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor for terrific detail and low-light performance, Full HD video, fast, 0.1-second autofocus, crazy “By Pixel Super Resolution” processing that extends the 5x optical zoom to 10x without lowering the pixel count, SteadyShot image stabilization, Memory Stick Micro/MicroSD card support, and a 3.3-inch OLED touchscreen that’ll let you ensure you’ve got the shot before the moment passes. [Scouted by Pete- Through Uncrate]

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BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

August 19th, 2011 David No comments

bb7 BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

RIM’s battle against Apple and Google for the Smartphone crown continues with the launch of five new phones and a brand new operating system, BlackBerry 7. All of the phones will feature touchscreen displays and will have a broader focus on multimedia enhancements and features. Each of the phones will be powered by a 1.2 GHz processor coupled with a powerful graphics processor to help power the phone’s “Liquid Graphics” tech for smoother graphics and a more accurate touch experience. Other features include better Social Media integration, HD Video, and built-in NFC technology. Link

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Best Home Theatres

July 24th, 2011 David 3 comments

custom home theater iCUL7 48 Best Home Theatres

There is a fine line between a home theater and a design marvel. We have earlier introduced you to some of the most incredible and lavish custom-made home theaters. If you have always dreamed of a customized, ultra high-tech luxurious home theater, here is a treat for your eyes. The good guys over at CEPro have rounded off the best $150,000+ Home Theater entries from the Electronic House Home of the Year Awards, which is always a delight for home owners. Check out some of the best from CEPro’s list after the jump…

• Casablanca Home Theater

casablanca home theater DF45y 48 Best Home Theatres
Installed by Atlanta Home Theater, this custom home theater expresses the high-roller style of Hotel Casablanca, the location used to film many classic movies’ scenes. The theater flaunts radical projecting structure, sheik leopard carpet and black leather seating demand. The Casablanca Home Theater features over $250,000 in technology. The audio system alone costs more than $100,000.

• Mega 3D Theater

mega 3d theater Z5XF1 48 Best Home Theatres
Installed by Admit One, the Mega 3D Theater comes with a huge 15-foot 2.35:1 3D Cine-V Stewart Filmscreen that is complemented by a DPI Titan Reference 1080p 3D Projector. For a true audio experience, there is the JBL Synthesis Array system featuring four 18” subwoofers. An award-winning acoustician was hired to help with the placement and design of six bass traps, and absorption and diffusion panels. Other highlights include the Kaleidescape movie server, Panasonic Blu-ray player, RTI controls, Savant automation processor, Apple TV, Furman power conditioning and 240 LED light strips.

• Ice Palace Cinema

ice palace cinema yPjcf 48 Best Home Theatres
Done by First Impressions Theme Theatres, this is a palace-style theater inside the basement of a 3-story Canadian residence. The luxurious theater has gold leaf embellishments, classical colors and wood tones that impart a classy look. There is a 2:35 huge viewing image with 4-way masking and reference grade 3-chip DLP video projector with anamorphic lens. For audio, the theater relies on 7.1 surround sound system with subwoofers that are as big as washing machines. It also has a Lobby Lounge complete with CineBar and computerized Wine Cellar.

• Syrupy Sweet

syrupy sweet WK7sh 48 Best Home Theatres
Installed by Synergy Home Systems, this theater comes equipped with a Stewart Filmscreen CineCurve Screen, McIntosh-powered 7.1 sound system and Klipsch THX Ultra 2 speaker system. For lighting scene changes, there is an AMX control system coupled with Vantage lighting control. You also have a pneumatic automatic sliding door, which is controlled by the lighting and automation systems. The seating platform features four additional SpeakerCraft concealed subwoofers.

• 3D Art Deco

3d art deco theater H7ig2 48 Best Home Theatres

Done by Future Home, the 3D Art Deco home theater boasts a Stewart Filmscreen 16-foot wide 3D Screen, a full stage, a balcony for eight with its own wet bar and spacious room that can accommodate over 50 for the evening party. The theater uses a Titan Reference 1080P 3D 9,000 lumen projector. There are eight surround speakers concealed in the side walls.

Check out the all the best high-end home theaters of 2011 and other details at CEPro.

Thanks, Arlen Schweiger617513

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Tempest Freerunning Academy

July 14th, 2011 David No comments

Tempest Freerunning Academy is California’s first indoor training facility dedicated solely to freerunning and parkour. We just hope that this safe, padded environment doesn’t affect the quality of our fail videos.

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Clean Up and Revive your Mac

July 10th, 2011 David No comments

Clean Up and Revive Your Bloated, Sluggish Mac

1003 32 Clean Up and Revive your Mac Gina Trapanisadmac hed Clean Up and Revive your Mac A few years back you dropped significant cash to switch over from the virus-laden world of Windows to a shiny new Mac, but over time it’s gotten slow and crufty. Let’s clean it up.


Before you get started uninstalling this and deleting that, do yourself a favor: hook up an external drive to your Mac and back everything up with Time Machine or any other free alternative. The last thing you want is for your “clean up” to turn into “holy crap where did all my Documents go.”

Ready? Let’s get started. (PC user? You want this article.)

Find the CPU and Memory Hogs in the Activity Monitor

First things first. If your Mac is acting like a petulant three-year-old, dragging its feet, crossing its arms, and refusing to do what you ask in any reasonable amount of time, it’s time to fire up the Activity Monitor (in Applications > Utilities). Here you’ll see a list of running applications and processes. Sort the columns shown in the screenshot to find out what apps are hogging the most CPU time (Firefox, in this case), what apps are for Intel or PowerPC (it’s a good idea to use Intel-only apps on Intel Macs), and what apps are running at all. If there are processes running for software you don’t need, note them down. Also, if an app is a runaway CPU and memory hog, quit it and restart for immediate relief.

Clean Up Your Startup

startupitems Clean Up and Revive your Mac Whether or not the Activity Monitor is showing processes you don’t recognize, it’s a good idea to audit what programs start up automatically when you log onto your Mac. In System Preferences, Accounts (I know, unintuitive placement), click on the Login Items tab. From there, make sure each and every app listed is something you need and use. If it isn’t? Just select it and click the minus (-) sign. (Rule of thumb: Generally you want to keep things called “SomethingHelper” where Something is an app you use, like iTunes or Growl, as shown.)


Uninstall Unneeded Apps (and Related Files)

Just like your Login Items, you want to cruise through your Applications folder and trash anything you don’t need or use any more. To be clear, this won’t speed up your Mac, but it will reclaim hard drive space.

Before you get to dragging and dropping unneeded applications to the trash, though, it’s a good idea to install a, well, uninstaller program. Strangely Apple still hasn’t shipped a proper uninstaller with Mac OS X, but a few free and pay-for apps will clear out related files when you send an application to the Trash. While the irony of having to install something in order to uninstall something isn’t lost on us, keep in mind: your Mac will be fine if an extra plist file gets left behind by an app you once used.

hazeluninstall Clean Up and Revive your MacBut, in case you’re a neat freak, you want to check out the likes of AppTrap (free, our review), AppDelete (used to be free, now requires a minimum payment of $5 after a few uses, our review), or AppZapper ($13, our review).

Personally I prefer Hazel, which will set you back $22 for a license—however, in addition to clearing away application files on uninstall, Hazel can make your Mac self-cleaning, too, which makes it worth the cost.


Do Some Maintenance

Now it’s time to make sure your disks are in tip-top shape, and luckily, you can do this without any extra software. Simply run Disk Utility (in Applications > Utilities) to verify and repair disk permissions (which determine what apps can do what with what files on your Mac) and verify and repair the disk itself. These operations take some time, and you can’t do them while other applications are running, so set ‘em in motion before you head out to lunch or to grab coffee. 

onyx Clean Up and Revive your Mac To run some more hardcore and detailed maintenance tasks, download the free OnyX (our review). While OnyX does lots of fun Mac customization (see the Parameters tab for that stuff), you want the Maintenance and Cleaning tabs. There you can do things like manually run your Mac’s daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance scripts (which don’t on their own if you shut down your Mac at night), and clear out log files and system caches. You can also fix system application-specific issues, by rebuilding Spotlight’s or Mail’s index, if those apps are acting particularly wonky.

Reclaim Hard Drive Space

While you’re on a cleaning spree, figure out exactly what’s taking up all that space on your Mac with a visual tool that maps what’s what. Disk Inventory X (free, our review), is your best bet in this area: it creates what’s called a “tree map” of your hard drive usage that will unearth things like 10 gigabytes of video files you just don’t need any more.To get down to the unneeded-megabyte level, Macworld has some detailed advice for where to find redundant system files and Dashboard widgets. You can also reclaim space taken up by unneeded language files using the free Monolingual (our review).

Care for and Troubleshoot Your Battery and Memory

If you’ve got a Mac notebook and you’re having trouble with your battery, a few troubleshooting techniques might help. First, to get the longest life out of your battery, calibrate it to make sure your life-o-meter is giving you the right readings.

If your Mac’s battery is cutting out before issuing the “You’re running out of power” warning, you want to reset the SMC or PMU, which cleared up that very problem on my MacBook.

Finally, some problems can be resolved by resetting your Mac’s PRAM and NVRAM—but this is generally a last-resort just-short-of-the-Genius-Bar troubleshooting technique for that inexplicable problem your Mac’s having.


Beef Up Your Memory and Get the Latest System Updates

macosxupdate Clean Up and Revive your Mac This should go without saying, but the more memory your Mac has, the snappier it will be. If you’re thinking about an upgrade and you’ve got a MacBook, check out Adam’s guide to adding RAM to your Mac.

Also, it’s generally a good idea to stay up-to-date with OS X patches and versions—and normally Software Update runs on its own and does just that. (Note: Yesterday the 10.5.7 update came out, and while I had no problems with it, Gizmodo reports that some people are having issues. As always, back up your stuff continuously to avoid disaster.)

Got any tales of victory or defeat when it comes to cleaning up and speeding up your Mac? Tell ‘em in the comments.

Gina Trapani, Lifehacker’s founding editor, has a MacBook Pro that’s a bit snappier today than it was yesterday. Her weekly feature, Smarterware, appears every Wednesday on Lifehacker. Subscribe to the Smarterware tag feed to get new installments in your newsreader.

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Lick the iPad

June 23rd, 2011 David No comments

News anchor licks iPad.

It’s one things to be stupid and it’s something else to be naive.  However, Fox News and its anchors tend to exude both of those qualities and what we have here is a clip to prove it.

Raoul Martinez, a San Diego Fox news anchor tricked his co-host, Shally Zomorodi, into licking her iPad by stating that Shock Top, a popular beer company, had produced technology that works with the iPad and iPhone to illicit taste and smell from their application.

Now most of you would cry poppycock at the first sign of something like this, but just like the running on water video we saw last year, if you want to believe it exists, it will.  Sadly, Shally ended up licking the iPad and walked off set, all be it with humility. But something tells us should we have been none the wiser if it weren’t for the app displaying a message of “happy April Fool’s day”.

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